Monday, October 2, 2023

Thunder warriors strike back

A fun "little" project after the orcs.

This started as a way to make me like the Stormcasters. I had 3 or 4 of those free minis that GW sometimes gifts around and I wanted an excuse to paint gold.

In the end a friend suggested to instead use those bits to make a small band of Thunder Warriors, an unit I never heard off.

A quick Google search and I liked the idea, so kitbash it was. 

The recipe is simple, mostly stormcast bodies, old and space marine arms, cadian heads, orc hair (except one guy who has a demonette scalp, because I finished the orc heads) and a bit of sculpting to blend it together, plus a big fluffy mantle. 

I received some comments on the wips, so here the answers. 

What colors did you used? 

Vallejo's gold, bronze and silver paints, agrax shade and Army Painter's speedpaints. 

The weapons/the insignia are not lore accurate. 

I don't care. That's what I had around. 

Why don't you used/sculpted goggles, as in Blanche's illustrations? 

I don't like the goggles. Too goofy for my taste. And I have no goggled heads. 

The weapon choice is sub-optimal for a kill team. 

Those are the bits I had. 

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