Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A gazebo

Simply a gazebo, made from a cheap plastic baby-blue box.
4 miniatures can stand inside this thing. Or a big one.

Let start the puns about the dreadful lv 8 gazebo.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ettercap variants

Another aberration (or they are monstrosities now?), the ettercap. Spider-men without responsibilities.
Probably a cursed cult of spider-druids, the ettercaps are a low/middle level encounter for unfortunate heroes in the woods.
Because if you are afraid of spiders, now they have an (almost) intelligent boss too.

Cave fisher ettercap
This ettercap lives in caves underground and it preys fishes and other small animals. It has the magical ability to walk on water like a water skipper and to catch underwater preys with the long, double-jointed limbs. The most powerful ones have some control over water and can breathe underwater. They use their webbing only to build nests and store foods, they also make nets to catch fishes.
They are more pacific then the standard ettercap, but they are known to drown unfortunate adventures when hungry.
Stats: as standard ettercaps but
no low light vision
dark vision
light sensibility
permanent water walking as magical ability
breath underwater as magical ability (3/day)
no trap making
reach thanks the long arms

Also known as redcap, mosquito ettercap, tick ettercap or stirge ettercap, this variant lives mostly in marshes. It's the most strange variant, it's origin is unknown, but most think blood magic or vampirism are involved. The natural form of a bloodcap is of a small, childlike version of the standard redcap, but bloody red in color. They attack in swarm, their bite lacks venom, but, thanks to a retractile sharp tongue, they can pierce the enemy and drink their blood. They can convert blood into mass, growing large and stronger for each killed enemy. Some adventures report of ogre-size bloodcap killing lizardmen in a blood-blind frenzy. They lack the usual affinity with spiders, bu they have some link with stirges, used sometimes like living blood-bags.
Old bloodcap can develop blood related spells and abilities, and affinity for necromancy.
They can also expel the sucked blood in a blinding splash of putrid blood.
Stats: as the standard ettercap but
small size
no venom
no webs
no spider connection
blood drain bite: for each point of constitution drain, they gain +1 strength for one hour, if they suck at least 4 points, they grew one size, for 8 more two sizes, and so on (until large size).
affinity for stirges
blood splash: they can expel the blood to blind the enemy

Tarantula ettercap
Big, hairy and savage. They are not very dissimilar to the standard ettercap except for the fact they lack webs of any sort. To compensate that they are stronger and jump the enemies with incredible leaps. The fur in their bodies allow them to live in cold regions, but they prefer forests where they can jump from tree to tree.
Stats: as standard ettercap but
no webs
+4 strenght
leap ability
no trap making

Brood mother ettercap
This is not a true subspecies, but more of a class for ettercap.
Some ettercaps become living nest for their spiders, letting them live under the skin. They can host several swarm of spiders on them and they act as weapon and armour.
Stats: like standard ettercap but
more natural armour
less agility
spider swarm connection

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dead tree and grandpa mutant monk turtle

A small project, some bits put together to make a small obstacle, or a base for some future miniature.

And now something completely different, a Kung Fu Panda toy. Some touch up in the details, but basically prepainted. And epic for a Tortle monk.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Dino-men from the Hollow Earth

Back to miniatures, with an old project.
I had some cheap toy dinosaurs and a lot of bits soooo... pulp dino-men.

 photo IMG_3414_zpshyypzw61.jpg  photo IMG_3413_zpsdtmtb81r.jpg  photo IMG_3412_zpsbm44fprn.jpg  photo IMG_3411_zpsnzykm4od.jpg  photo IMG_3410_zpsfb4ee2yr.jpg  photo IMG_3409_zpsuztu8tnh.jpg  photo IMG_3408_zpst3ov6dse.jpg  photo IMG_3407_zpsfli17rks.jpg  photo IMG_3406_zpsry9drexk.jpg  photo IMG_2843_zpsen0ocf1w.jpg  photo IMG_2842_zpsl3bejyw6.jpg  photo IMG_2841_zpsba0zpw3l.jpg  photo IMG_2840_zpsa7kvxrtt.jpg  photo IMG_2839_zpsujlstaqk.jpg  photo IMG_2838_zpsisbnvvtw.jpg  photo IMG_2837_zpsmz4wdkv6.jpg  photo IMG_2835_zpsfhgeesh2.jpg  photo IMG_2834_zpscq02o540.jpg  photo IMG_2833_zpsprecdr3z.jpg  photo IMG_2832_zpstgqhidg7.jpg  photo IMG_2831_zpsjl1rvb5a.jpg  photo IMG_2829_zpsnyzkqsnm.jpg  photo IMG_2822_zpsgisfb5du.jpg  photo IMG_2821_zpsoaw6sx6u.jpg  photo IMG_2820_zpsgtfpb6a3.jpg  photo IMG_2818_zpsgwwjogfh.jpg  photo IMG_2817_zpsoddozicx.jpg  photo IMG_2816_zpsfz7dcg71.jpg