Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Oldhammer orc and goblin warband

I finally finished this big project, thanks to Gork and Mork for the speedpaints! 
 So many miniatures! 
I tried to make this as oldhammer and cheap as possible. 
Almost all the minis are from boardgames or are very common old plastic miniatures, the damaged one where kitbashed. 
The only exceptions are the troll and the squigs. Because I don't want to pay those old metal buggers as jewelry. And the new plastic ones are too modern. So, all the squigs you see are sculpted by me, or are cheap toys I found at the thrift store. 
Other notes: the troll is from bones reaper,it fits very well with the monopose look. The shaman is kitbashed from a damaged orc archer. It's a bit more dynamic than the others, but I don't want to pay gold for an old shaman. I have a painted weirdboy around that can fit the band, but I don't want to strip the paintjob. 
One of the heroes is a 40k ork with a new bow. 
The orc "rogue" it's from Dark World.

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