Thursday, April 15, 2021

Skaven band

To tell the truth only 5 miniatures of this band are new, all the other were painted ages ago and I simply touch up some areas and add some washes. 
Can you tell which one is new and which one is pre-painted?

Friday, March 19, 2021

The prison cart

Wow, this was a lot.
I wanted a Daemon Engine on the cheap for my Chaos Dwarves, but I never found a good solution for a steampunk slave-collecting murder machine.
In the end I simplified the concept and with the help of various cheap toys and bits I made a simple cage on wheels.
It works, I think.

I made 2 versions, but in the end the first one was too big for the base and too bulky. 

Saturday, January 30, 2021

(Blue) blood for the blood God.

I'm taking a break from the chaos dwarves to paint some barbarians.

To tell the truth I bought a pack of Massive Darkness miniatures to paint these, but in the end the dwarves were a lot more charming.

Whatever, here some kitbashed barbarian used as Chaos Marauders. 


Thursday, January 14, 2021

Tutorial: how I do paint lava bases.

Hello to everyone, I recently painted a bunch of miniatures from Massive Darkness and I found an interesting problem, they already had bases.

With some work I should be able to cut the dwarves from the bases, but I am a lazy man and I tried something different. 

Painted lava bases.

I already made some lava bases in the past with cork and a similar paint scheme, but this time paint only (almost).

Here the recipe. 

Step 1. Red background. To tell the truth you can also go with a yellow one. But I found a red background works better because it makes the yellow a little warmer. 

Step 2. Yellow blobs. Use wet paint to better blend the colors. In this photo you can also see a small bubble made with a nail art charm glued on the base. Do not worry if your paint makes some bubbles, it helps with the final result. 

Step 3. Orange between the yellow and the red. If you can wet blend the colors together, if you like a safer approach simply paint the orange over some red and yellow. The different background will tint the orange a little. If 

Step 4. Quick red wash to better blend the colors. 

Step 5. Flat black "obsidian" rocks. 

Step 6. Dark gray edge light on the black.
Also draw some scrapes on the black. 

Step 7. Smaller light gray edge light. 

Step 8. Pure white spot light and bubbles on the lava. 

And here the dwarves. 

I hope you can find this quick tutorial helpful.