Friday, November 20, 2020

Men in tights

I was in the mood to organize some of my minis and to paint some leftover in the pile of shame. Sometimes I play Mordheim and the bands are a great way to find inspiration. I have around a lot of "generic medieval people" without a real theme, so a band of thieves was the perfect choice. Mordheim has a Robin Hood inspired band, the Stirwood forest bandits, so let's paint some menn of the forest.

I recicled some minis, so maybe some of them are familiar to you. 

A lot of companies in this band. 
Fenryll, the monk I have no idea, Frostgrave, Lord of the Ring, Warhammer (metal) and Warhammer again (plastic). 

For example the monk was painted some time ago, I simply rebase him. 
The hero in the middle is a kitbash of some Bretonnian parts, and the hooded guy comes from Frostgrave. 

Some more recycled guys, I used the first 2 kitbashed Bretonnian archers as NPCs in my D&d games for years. 

Some elves and kitbashed elf parts, because I wanted to paint these guys for years. The elf girl has a very dynamic pose, she's the only one a little different from the others, maybe she's a show-off. 

The Fenryll guys again, I simply repainted their shirts to green. 

As a bonus a little comparison with one of my first ever painted minis. 
And with the pseudo Green Knight I made some time ago. 
Also a Lord of the Ring kitbashed with some GW parts that I forgot to show in the previous photos. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

The West was Weird

Finally an update.
A small one. 
4 minis from Deadlands.
They are not very good, they are very flat, you can almost see how the two halves of the mold work, but at least they have character.
The mad scientist is the best: goofy and crazy at the same time.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Kehmri warband

Yup, another one.

I finally painted all my mummies and they are enough to make another band for Mordheim. 
To tell the truth I lack a couple of scorpions, for now I'm going to use the 3 vultures instead.
There is a Heroquest mummy in the mix, the base is a little larger, but I have not the guts to cut it away. And he lacks bling, all the other guys are showered in gold.
Poor mummy. 

Friday, September 25, 2020

Dark elf warband

Some very dark photos (you are welcome cloudy autumn) for this mordheim band of druchii. I'm still missing 2 beasts for the beastmaster, but I don't know what to use. 

I had not so much parts for this band, so it is a little 40k-ish. Not my best paint job, but the photos are so crappy you should not notice. 

 I tried 2 more palettes before this, so here a little extra.