Friday, November 3, 2017

Igloo: tutorial

Well, Halloween is gone and winter is coming. Better to be prepared.

Very easy to make, here what do you need:

a stereofoam ball and a sereofoam cutout, you can use the inside theball if you want to carve it, or a random piece of foam like I did.

Cut the ball in half, do not worry if it looks small, real igloos are.

Draw the blocks with a pen or other sharp object.

Now take the small piece of foam, round and shape a bit.

Make a little slot for it on the main body and glue it.

It is basically done, as base I used a pressed cardboard coasted.

Now you can paint as you like.
I basecoated it gray, whashed cyan, blue on the recesses and drybrush white for last.

Some fake snow.

And we are done.
Some creatures for size.

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