Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Chaos Blood Bowl Team

And now something completely different: Blood Bowl.

I recently got some bits on ebay and I found enough pieces to put togeter a couple of Blood Bowl teams.

I do not play the game, but whatever, I can still use them in D&D.

First team, Chaos!


Chaos Warriors

Group shot

Big Guy.
This was a problem.
I have a cyborg, an heroquest minotaur and a wereboar toy (Cronox, I think). I do not really want to use the cyborg, it's a little too much Norse, and he has a giant axe for an arm, not the best for a Blood Bowl game. The heroquest minotaur is classic, but the sculpt is old and I do not like the humanoid feet. The last is the wereboar, I hate the big legs but at the moment it is the best I have.

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