Friday, November 20, 2020

Men in tights

I was in the mood to organize some of my minis and to paint some leftover in the pile of shame. Sometimes I play Mordheim and the bands are a great way to find inspiration. I have around a lot of "generic medieval people" without a real theme, so a band of thieves was the perfect choice. Mordheim has a Robin Hood inspired band, the Stirwood forest bandits, so let's paint some menn of the forest.

I recicled some minis, so maybe some of them are familiar to you. 

A lot of companies in this band. 
Fenryll, the monk I have no idea, Frostgrave, Lord of the Ring, Warhammer (metal) and Warhammer again (plastic). 

For example the monk was painted some time ago, I simply rebase him. 
The hero in the middle is a kitbash of some Bretonnian parts, and the hooded guy comes from Frostgrave. 

Some more recycled guys, I used the first 2 kitbashed Bretonnian archers as NPCs in my D&d games for years. 

Some elves and kitbashed elf parts, because I wanted to paint these guys for years. The elf girl has a very dynamic pose, she's the only one a little different from the others, maybe she's a show-off. 

The Fenryll guys again, I simply repainted their shirts to green. 

As a bonus a little comparison with one of my first ever painted minis. 
And with the pseudo Green Knight I made some time ago. 
Also a Lord of the Ring kitbashed with some GW parts that I forgot to show in the previous photos. 

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