Saturday, April 13, 2019

Proxy salamander

After a couple of silly characters, time for something more close to the classic WH.
A dimetrodon toy painted to look like a old lizardmen's salamander.

I noticed that GW changed a lot of old monsters designs to look less like dinosaurs and more like monsters. I think they were sick of people using cheap plastic toy dinos instead of their identical looking crazy expensive plastic toy dinos.


  1. It looks great. A bit scary even. I like those spikes and teeth. Cheers, Karl

    1. This has been discussed a lot, I think, but you probably have more experience with it than others: how well does paint stick on toys like your dinosaur? And can you recommend certain paints and varnishes, which work well on toys? Cheers, Karl

    2. First of all, wash the toy with soap.
      To prime all my works I use simple cheap acrylic craft paint, then I use some more good ones.
      As for washes I use Tamiya's or most of the time I usea drop of paint mixed with water.