Thursday, December 28, 2017

Stalagmites: tutorial

Hello guys, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas full of love and gifts.

Well, back to business.

Looking for gifts I finally found some big cone-shaped seashells. I think they are used for fish tanks, but we'll use them for something better.

Stalagmites! (or stalactites if you glue them on the ceiling).

First of all what do you need?
  • The cheapest air dry modelling clay you can find (if you are a gluegun master you can use it)
  • cone shaped seashells
  • something to use as a base (I used pressed cardboard)
  • sand
  • glue
  • paint

In this tutorial I'll show you how to make stone, ice and lava terrain. But you can use these shells to make some organic looking terrain too, maybe an alien breeding nest, or crystal towers. If you are thinking to use one of these shell as a base for a Roper or some other creature... please let me know if you made it.

Cave stalagmites tutorial
1) make a little blob of clay on your base and put the shells in the order you like. I prefer to have the big sheels a little on the background.

2) sculpt the clay as you like, you can texturize it with a rock or tin foil. I used the back of a brush to make some holes. I also add some big rocks around.

3) flock as you like. I used two different sands to have a mix of small and medium rocks.

4) paint it. I used only drybrush from this one. In order: black primer, dark brown, sienna brown, dark gray, light gray, white.

The technique is the same if you want to make different terrain. For example:


The difference is only in the paint, you can check my igloo tutorial to know how I painted the ice. The short version is: white coat, cyan wash, drybrush white, fake snow. Let's see how they look painted and with Santa's friends.


 Also, about the igloo, here a bonus figure, the saberthoot tiger toy I showed in the tutorial.
I think it is pretty amazing.


Last, lava terrain. Again, same technique. This time I used the same colors as for my fire elemental. White basecoat, yellow, red wash, drybrush yellow, drybrush black, drybrush dark gray.

And finally, a shot with everything. As stated before, you can put the shells upside down to make stalactites.

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