Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Welcome to the blog.

Welcome to the blog.

A quick presentation.

I'm Emiliano, an italian designer and illustrator with a passion for roleplay, tabletop and videogames.

I had my share of battles in the past with my Warhammer orcs and Confrontation wolfen but I stopped playing and painting before my college years.

Recently I'm back in the game, at least for roleplaying purposes.
I paint old miniature and mix cheap toys in creative ways to have unique creatures to kill my players on d&d nights or simply because I can. I'm not the best painter, but the miniatures will be tabletop ready.

There is only one rule: be cheap!

I'll try to upload frequently, but if you follow me on DakkDakka, Warseer, or DM Scotty's forum, be prepared to see some old stuff.

I hope to show you that you can have amazing creatures without sell your firstborn baby to GW.

And now a quick galley of what you'll see in the future.


  1. Hey man I just found your work.I love this stuff its inspiring and desires more attention.